DIY Family Fort Challenge: Build the Ultimate Indoor Adventure

Rainy days or lazy afternoons can be the perfect opportunities for some indoor fun. Gather your blankets, pillows, and furniture, because it’s time for the DIY Family Fort Challenge! Building a fort is a classic activity that fosters creativity, teamwork, and hours of imaginative play. This post will guide you through different fort designs and construction tips, turning your living room into a magical hideaway for the whole family.

Planning Your Fortastic Adventure

Before embarking on your fort-building expedition, gather your supplies and decide on a location.


  • Blankets: The more, the merrier! A variety of sizes and thicknesses will provide more building options.
  • Pillows: These add comfort and stability to your fort walls.
  • Sheets: Large sheets can be draped over furniture to create a roof or additional walls.
  • Flashlight: Essential for creating a cozy atmosphere and nighttime adventures inside your fort.
  • Clips and Clamps: Binder clips, clothespins, or even chip clips can be used to secure blankets and sheets to furniture.


The ideal fort location depends on the size and design you have in mind. Here are some options:

  • Living Room: This is a spacious area for larger forts, offering plenty of room for furniture and creative structures.
  • Bedroom: Perfect for cozier forts, ideal for movie nights or reading nooks.
  • Playroom: If you have a dedicated playroom, it’s the perfect spot for a permanent fort structure.

Planning Resources:

Looking for fort inspiration? Check out for a treasure trove of creative fort designs!

Building Your Family Fort

Now comes the fun part – construction! Here are some basic fort-building techniques to get you started:

  • The Classic Chair Fort: Drape a large blanket over two chairs facing each other. Secure the blanket with clips or by tying it to the chair backs. Add additional blankets or sheets for a more enclosed space.
  • The Tabletop Tunnel: Use a sturdy table as the base of your fort. Drape a blanket over the table, letting it hang down on all sides. Add pillows or cushions for support and create a tunnel entrance.
  • The Multi-Level Masterpiece: Combine different furniture pieces to create a multi-level fort! Use chairs for support and drape sheets or blankets to connect them, creating crawl spaces and different “rooms” within the fort.

Tips for Building Success:

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Assign tasks and work together to construct your fort. This is a great opportunity for family bonding and communication.
  • Get Creative!: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and sizes. Use pillows, chairs, and even laundry baskets to add unique features to your fort.
  • Light it Up!: String fairy lights inside your fort for a magical ambiance.

Fort Fun and Beyond!

Once your fort is complete, it’s time to enjoy it! Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Story Time in the Fort: Curl up with pillows and blankets and have a family story time session inside your cozy hideaway.
  • Movie Night Under the Covers: Turn off the lights, grab some snacks, and transform your fort into a mini movie theater.
  • Board Game Bonanza: Set up a board game inside your fort for a fun and unique game night experience.
  • Fort Camping Adventure: Pitch a pretend tent inside your fort, tell ghost stories with a flashlight, and enjoy a night of indoor camping fun.

The possibilities for fort-based fun are endless! So unleash your creativity, gather your family, and embark on a DIY Family Fort Challenge. You’ll be surprised at the amazing structures you can create together.sharemore_vert

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